We are each other’s safety net.

Help our 43 Neighbors lift each other up.

2 min readAug 26, 2021

Today at GatherFor, we begin a grassroots effort to raise $86,000. Our goal is to provide each of the 43 Neighbors in our Brooklyn pilot with $2,000 in direct cash. These funds will help them pay rent and bills, buy food, and keep their families going while the pandemic rages on and public assistance winds down. The good news is that we have half the funds already committed in matching contributions from donors if we can secure the second half in grassroots contributions. That’s where you come in. My heartfelt request of each of you is:

  1. Check out our campaign page.
  2. Make a tax-deductible contribution (which will be matched)! Consider making it monthly. Read our post called Just Give Them the Money about why direct giving is one of the best ways to support those hard hit by the pandemic right now.
  3. Share this post with at least 5 friends.
  4. Post the blurbs below on social media.

If you’ve ever been alone in a crisis, you know how so often what we need is people to stand by us. We are each other’s safety net. Your support can help us understand how to transform Neighborhoods from places where we live, to places where we know we are part of a community that has our back, no matter what.

Let’s do this.

In Solidarity,

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@GatherFor is organizing teams of 5–8 Neighbors facing food, job, and housing insecurity to support one another through thick and thin, on its way to weaving a community-powered safety net model that could be deployed anywhere. They’re raising $86,000 to provide $2,000 in direct cash assistance to 43 Neighbors in their pilot (and half of it is pledged in matching contributions if they can raise the other half). Join me in making a tax-deductible contribution and supporting these Neighbors in lifting one another up at http://gatherfor.org/donate!

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@GatherForOrg organizes teams of 5–8 Neighbors experiencing food, job, & housing insecurity to lift one another up. They’re raising $2k / Neighbor for a 43-person pilot to help them buy food / pay bills. Make a matched, tax-deductible contribution at http://gatherfor.org/donate.




We believe: in community, we have everything we need. Our aim: self-sufficient neighborhoods. We organize: "Neighbor Teams" that support each other like family.