Just Give Them The Money

By Teju Ravilochan

Photo by Ev on Unsplash
  • employers vet employees through a hiring process
  • employers have an ongoing relationship with the employee
  • the employer receives something in return for providing a salary, over which they have some control
  • employees “earn” the money through labor

Early Evidence Suggests People Experiencing Poverty Use Cash Wisely

The people who received cash transfers moved into stable housing faster and saved enough money to maintain financial security over the year of follow-up. They decreased spending on drugs, tobacco, and alcohol by 39 percent on average, and increased spending on food, clothes, and rent, according to self-reports (Vox, Oct 2020).

Apparently Indulgent Choices Might Actually Be Understandable And Wise Investments

Community Strengthens the Effectiveness of Unconditional Cash Assistance



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