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  • Clara Llamas

    Clara Llamas

    Design services, businesses and organisations and read compulsively.

  • Blythe Dolores Utz

    Blythe Dolores Utz

    Emotional literacy advocate and contemplative writer. Imaginator + Bricklayer at The Emotional Resilience Project [

  • Nancy Kristiansen

    Nancy Kristiansen

  • Robert Gross

    Robert Gross

    Serial student, freelance visionary, preparing for 5th? 6th? career as a lifecoach/make me an offer-I love co-creation!

  • Joseph Dutaillis

    Joseph Dutaillis

  • Amanda N. Ramsay

    Amanda N. Ramsay

    Observant Wordsmith; Member of the Orders of: The Obscene, The Morbid, The Uncanny, The Feminine, The Queer. NeuroDiverse. Intersectional Single Mother. 🦄

  • Kevin Kot

    Kevin Kot

  • Heather DeViveiros

    Heather DeViveiros

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